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USA Ice is the premier source of high-quality bagged and block ice for convenience stores, retailers, institutions and special events.

USA Ice is the premier source of high-quality bagged and block ice for convenience stores, retailers, institutions and special events.

About Us

About Us

Founded in 1985, Rosedale Ice is the largest provider of bagged, block and cocktail ice for convenience stores, retailers, institutions and large-scale special events in the Mid-Atlantic. We serve customers along the I-95 corridor from Wilmington, DE to Fredericksburg, VA, including Greater Baltimore west to Frederick and east to Anne Arundel.

With more than 2,000 satisfied customers, our track record for exceptional service, fast-delivery and superior products have made us the region’s fastest growing, most dependable ice company. Count on our large, modern fleet and established footprint to delivery what you need – when you need it.

Liquor Luges

Liquor Luges

Pick up your quick luge at any of our locations. We have 4 options available.

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Ice Sculptures

We specialize in custom ice sculptures for every occasion. Our artisans design, carve and deliver dazzling displays for festivals, resorts, corporate events and private parties. Our capabilities include full-size bars; liquor luges; cocktail and seafood displays; centerpieces; and large-scale custom artworks.


1. Are you open for business given Coronavirus closures?

While Rosedale Ice is currently open for business, we are closely monitoring the region’s situation concerning the coronavirus. As our community unites to focus on slowing and stopping its spread, please know that we are maintaining delivery services and pick-ups. We will continue taking all necessary precautions to keep our staff, our customers and our facilities safe and protected.

We also recognize that many of our loyal customers have been greatly impacted by the evolving cancellations and closures. Please know that we stand sentry with you and will be ready to provide the high-quality bagged and block ice, sculptures, and liquor slides you’ve relied on when events can be safely rescheduled.

2. What is your minimum delivery?

For bagged and block ice, we require an order of 1,000 lbs which is the equivalent of 25, 40lb bags or 65, 16lb bags.

3. Do you sell to the public?

Yes, we do. Please call ahead or stop by to place an order for delivery.

4. Where are you located?

We have three locations: Our headquarters in Baltimore is at 2700 Annapolis Road; our location in Frederick at 300 Market Street (which also sells beer, kegs and beverages); and a seasonal location in Glen Burnie open from April through September.

5. Do you sell dry ice?

We sell 10 lb blocks of dry ice packaged in plastic bags for $1.75/pound.

6. How many bags of ice do rental boxes hold?

Model 65 Model 75 Model 85
7# Bags 180 240 300
16# Bags 80 100 120
40# Bags 35 35 50

7. Can I request an Ice Merchandiser at my store?

Yes. Please complete and return this online form.We will evaluate your location and add you to the delivery route that best suits your needs.

8. How far in advance do I have to order my Ice Sculpture?

When placing an order, we suggest you contact us as soon as you begin planning your event. All orders placed in advance will have a secure delivery date. We do welcome last minute orders and work to fulfill these requests, however availability may be more limited.

9. Where should my Ice Sculpture be placed at the event?

Ice sculptures are normally placed at events in a large open area as the social centerpiece. At most wedding receptions, Ice Sculptures are often placed as the buffet centerpiece. Ice art can also be placed solo, on a gift table, or in the cocktail reception area. If you are unsure, we suggest that you coordinate through your event planning specialist. Rosedale only requires a standard skirted banquet style table. Ice Sculptures can be elevated to enhance the grandeur of your occasion.

10. How will my Ice Sculpture be delivered?

Your Ice Sculpture will be delivered approximately thirty minutes to one hour prior to your event start time. One of our reliable fleet of company vans will deliver a perfectly insulated Ice Sculpture for your special occasion.

11. What is a freezer drop?

A freezer drop is for our wholesale clients. We place the item in your freezer (packaged safely in a box for easy storage and handling) a day or two before the event and your staff sets the sculpture up on the day of the event.

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